There are 4 main manufacturers when it comes to motor units. Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha. We offer bikes with the first three sytems here at primera. All the systems have similarities and differences but this guide will clear up any questions or info you will need to know.


Bosch has the largest range of motor units from the main four manufacturers, they offer three different systems, Performance line CX, Performance line and Active line. their flag ship and most robust is the Performance CX range. 


The Performance CX range is a 250W crank powered motor that has an instant power imput, making it feel fast and snappy. The motor has 4 modes: eco, tour, sport and turbo, we would recommend leaving the bike in sport mode for most of your riding and then when the terrain really peaks up and gets technical pop it into the turbo mode, with the amount of torque this motor produces you can sometimes struggle to keep the front wheel on the ground. The system is updatable via usb making it easy to update and tune.  This is one of our favourite motors at the moment due to its fast acceleration and heafty torque measurements.  The range on these systems are also impressive reaching a maximum of 88KM!

Next in the Bosch range is their performance line, this shares alot of the technology from the cx line but with less torque but more range, this system is lighter and more compact so it lends itself to exploring and touring bikes, they feel just at home on tarmac as well as off road tracks.  The system also has 4 modes that are all controlled with a handelbar control unit, it also has a built in walk function that assists you whilst walking with the bike, this is a nice touch as some of these bikes can get quite weighty. 


The third motor is their Active line, this motor is at home on the road, pavement and local paths, its a great companion to have on any city going hybrid. Like the previous models it is also a crank driven system with a max torque of 50nm. This system has a smart gear intergration putting less stress on the drive train on the bike making components last longer and less maintenance, thats always a plus in our eyes.


Bosch has 3 battery options that are compatable with all 3 systems. they offer intergrated batteries that are incorperated on the frame and also rack mounted systems. They all run on 36v and have energy of 500, 400 and 300 Watt Hours.  Watt hours equates to how long the battery will last, bigger the number the further it will go, it wont make the bike faster but will increase your range. All the batteries can be interchanged between models meaning you are able to extend your range if you want with a larger battery. 


The Brose system is exclusive to the Specialized levos, they do offer different units for different manufacturers aswell. The Brose system is claimed to have the largest torque output of all the manufacturers and having ridden the system we would tend to agree, the system feels as close as you are going to get to a natural feel of a mountain bike.  The controls are all intergrated in to the battery unit on the downtube of the bike, this keeps the cockpit of the bike super clean and minamalist. The main benefit of this system in our eyes is the app that comes from specialized to fine tune and customise how the bike feels. The app can control acceleration and even how much battery you want at the end of your ride so you never get cuaght out. 

The Specialized batteries are made by LG and come in 3 different sizes: 504Wh, 460Wh and 420Wh. These batteries are also ant+ and bluetooth compatible so can be linked up to a garmin and create a display unit on the bars, showing speed distance and battery % all on your existing garmin device.


Shimano Steps

Shimano has similaraites to both the brose and Bosch systems but with some big differences, It is also a crank driven system and is one is the most compact system out there and also claims to preduce the most torque. With the small form factor and narrow width it means the bike will ride closer to a normal bike, offering short rear end possibilites and also a near standard q faction. Similar to the Brose system it offers three different power settings. The three modes are Eco, Trail and Boost which offer you ultimate control over the terrain you are riding on and how much effort you want to put in.


Shimano offers one battery option and two mounting options, either intrergrated in to the frame or externally.  The power they are putting out is 504Wh. One of the best parts about this system is the super fast recharge time with 80% achieved in 2 Hours and a full charge in just 5 Hours.

 If you have any questions or want any more infomation dont hesitate to call our expert staff on 01202 775588 or 01202 749674. or full range of E-Bikes can be found HERE