We’ve seen a lot of changes in the bike industry since we started up nearly 25 years ago and we have to say the Electric bikes we are currently stocking are the real game changers.

It really started last year for us when Specialized launched the Turbo Levo, when we saw it we didn’t even register that it was an E-Bike. Back then it didn’t really hit us how important the E-Bike market was.

Roll on a year and we’ve had a pretty steep learning curve. We are not only stocking the Specialized E-Bike range but we also have ranges from Cube, Focus and Lapierre.


E-Bikes can range from your traditional town and city bike right up to a full downhill gravity monster, the application is the same throughout.  We get a few people dismissing the E-Bikes as a bit of an easy option, however all the systems use the same principal, they are all use a pedal assist system, so they are not a sit on, twist and go you have to put the power down with your own legs and then the power is either matched or multiplied depending on what mode or motor you are using, but fundamentally the harder you work the more the bike will put out. They are limited to comply with UK law but you will still notice the power that these bikes deliver. The best thing we see is the smile on the riders face when they take them for a test ride, you can’t help but smile!


One of the things we get asked most is what are E-Bikes? and who needs one?

We’ve found a real mix of people buying E-Bikes, from the new cyclist who wants to have a bike that will help them on the climbs and some off road riding, the commuter who wants an easy sweat free ride to work, we had people with injuries or physical ailments buying them allowing them to ride like they used too. Even the seasoned riders are buying them as it allows them to ride twice as far as they can on their normal bike and not everyone loves climbing hills on their bike!  The long and short of it is we all like to go downhill right? So swinging a leg over something that turns a hill in to a fresh piece of singletrack is a winning combination to us here at primera. 


We will have a range of features and an exciting video for you to get your teeth into over the coming weeks, with guides to

 Types of E-Bikes
Motor & Battery Options


Have a look at this video demonstrating the features of the specialized system.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the models we stock please feel free to get in touch.  Demo bikes are available to book.


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