E-bikes are now everywhere we have seen a massive increase in sales and people asking us about them. The technology is evolving as we speak, Batteries are lasting longer motors are more powerful there is better integration and they are easier to use than ever before. You can even control them from your phone now! Here at Primera we use E-bikes bikes and test them on a regular basis. The owner uses one and raves about them. Our manager has one and thinks its the best thing since sliced bread.

We cant be all wrong, can we?

        Pictured above is the Specialized Levo this model has by far been the most popular model for us at Primera. It is in its second generation now with a larger battery installed, Carbon fibre frames to help with the weight and the motors have also become 15% more efficient meaning longer run times and for you to get out into the wilderness or help you up that hill we all don't like the look of.

            It's not just specialized that is pushing the envelope on technology. Both Focus and Orange are using Shimano's new Steps motor system that can be integrated into a Shimano Di2 Electronic gear system meaning a fully automated system with the gears talking to the motor and keeping it in the optimum gear for you. The possibilities for these bikes is endless.


E-bikes are not just restricted to trail blasting mountain bikes there is an extensive range of hybrid and town bikes that have the system fitted here at Primera.

Specialized offer the Turbo Vado and Como range, these are bikes that you can use for a massive variety of things be it popping to the local shops or going across France on a touring holiday. These bikes will allow you to do whatever you want.

Focus and also Cube offer these hybrid models we would recommend any of these hybrid style bikes to people looking for that swiss army knife of a bike, something that can truly do it all.

At Primera we are fully trained and equipped to help you choose the perfect E-Bike for your next adventure, be it getting out into the middle of nowhere on your next epic adventure or getting back in the saddle with that bit of assistance you might need.

We are here to help with any questions you may have, no matter how big or small. We can also fully maintain your E-bike will a fully equipped workshop and trained professional mechanics.

Give the expert team a call or email on 01202 775588 or 01202 749674.