If you love your cycling and want to improve coaching doe's work!

It's fair to say that if you want to improve your fitness taking on a cycling coach not only gives you a training program but also someone looking out for you when it comes to progress.

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Matthew Downie, bouncing back from some frustration after Perfs, preceded to demolish the field

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My first big road race of the season came in the form of Perfs Pedal 2017. Whilst excited to race in a National B event against some big names, I wasn’t expecting the result I finished with.

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Specialized Turbo Levo Troy Lee

Published on 16.02.2017

Troy Lee Limited Edition Specialized Turbo Levo.....

We had a customer who wanted an E-Bike but wanted something special. We built him this Turbo Levo using Hope wheels and brakes. Loving the Sram gear systems but decided to go for the super light XX1 gripshift.

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Mike Bradbury-BikeStrong Coaching

Published on 15.02.2017

Primera-TeamJobs rider and founder of BikeStrong coaching Mike Bradbury gets his season underway at Odd Down with podium performances. Mike is passionate about helping people reach their full potential in their chosen sport through Bikestrong Coaching......

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TJ Key Reports on Perfs RR

Published on 14.02.2017

A riders view by Thomas Key - Primera-TeamJobs

It was cold, it was fast, it was tough, but thankfully short too and I got round. In case you missed it last Sunday I raced the Perfs Pedal, the season opening national road race that takes place on Portsdown Hill, just outside of Portsmouth.

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Specialized and troy lee have joined together to create some of the niced looking mountain bikes we have seen here at primera. 

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Cycling Medic TJ Key - Primera-TeamJobs

Published on 06.02.2017

Primera-TeamJobs athlete TJ Key sets out on a new year of racing. Over the past couple of weekends, I had the mad idea of doing a lot of driving, not having enough sleep and testing myself against some of the very best track riders in the country.

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Focus Mares What they are Capable of !

Published on 01.02.2017

Have a Look at what our range of cross bikes are capable of. There not just for charging around muddy feilds you can have an absalout ball on one.

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Electric Bike Specialists

Published on 31.01.2017

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the bike industry since we started up nearly 25 years ago and we have to say the Electric bikes we are currently stocking are the real game changers.

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