Matt Downie Wins BJW Road race

Published on 15.05.2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Road Race

Matt Downie Primera-TeamJobs took the win today in the Purbeck based Road Race. Very fast from the start with no one having an easy ride during the 10 lap race. 

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Kuota Bikes at Primera Sports

Published on 13.05.2017

We have had a great relationship with Kuota for many years. 

Italian bikes which are very stylish with performance to match. Road or TT bikes are available as complete bikes or custom builds..... Some of our team and staff ride the brand and are always very positive regarding the eprfomance and detail of finish.

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Cervelo Bikes at Primera Sports

Published on 01.04.2017

Cervelo Bikes at Primera Sports
At Primera we have been supplying Cervelo bikes & frames for many years. The first Cervelo bikes appeared super advanced for the time and continue to improve every year.
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Non-stop racing for TJ Key

Published on 23.03.2017

Last weekend saw me doing my best to squeeze as many races into a weekend as possible. I essentially did my own mini stage race, and had great fun in doing so. Off the back of my last post, where I described how my mood and motivation had been low, I decided that seeing as I was enjoying racing, but no training as much, why not cram them in so they double up as both? So over the 2 days, I raced in 3 races, all relatively short, but intense efforts, and great fun!

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Primera-TeamJobs riderTJ Key talks open in a bid to help other people who suffer with depression.

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Primavera E/1/2/3 Road Race

Today was set to be my first ever road race in the Primavera Road Race in Hatherleigh, Devon and my first outing on the road for Backstedt/Hot Chilee Team.

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If you love your cycling and want to improve coaching doe's work!

It's fair to say that if you want to improve your fitness taking on a cycling coach not only gives you a training program but also someone looking out for you when it comes to progress.

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Matthew Downie, bouncing back from some frustration after Perfs, preceded to demolish the field

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My first big road race of the season came in the form of Perfs Pedal 2017. Whilst excited to race in a National B event against some big names, I wasn’t expecting the result I finished with.

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Specialized Turbo Levo Troy Lee

Published on 16.02.2017

Troy Lee Limited Edition Specialized Turbo Levo.....

We had a customer who wanted an E-Bike but wanted something special. We built him this Turbo Levo using Hope wheels and brakes. Loving the Sram gear systems but decided to go for the super light XX1 gripshift.

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